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Balance Hormones After Birth

Help Stave-off Postpartum Depression

Speed Your Recovery Time

Promote Abundant Milk Supply

Restore Blood Lost During Labor

Increase Energy Levels




"Baby Blues" is a common occurrence.  It is estimated that 80% of mothers experience it in the first days and weeks after giving birth.  Because it is so common, nothing is typically done about it until it worsens into a diagnosis       of postpartum depression, at which time anti-depressants may be prescribed. Anti-depressants are passed to the baby through breast milk, and mothers who do not want to expose their babies to these medications are often faced with the decision to either stop breastfeeding or struggle with depression.  Women suffer through the baby blues almost as a rite of passage into motherhood... but it doesn't have to be this way.


Research is showing that ingesting the placenta can help... 

really quite

YOUR placenta contains YOUR natural hormones and is perfectly made for you, by you.  Ingesting your placenta in capsule form is believed to gradually replace the hormones lost so rapidly after childbirth

and therefore eases drastic

mood swings that can

occur postpartum.

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