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​Tel: 626.390.0085

I would love to meet with you and hear about your hopes for the birth of your baby. Please send me a little information about yourself and I will contact you so we can chat and set up a time to meet!

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  600 BABIES.


you want a doula who will be open to your family's unique birth vision without imposing judgements or rules on how you "should" give birth


you want someone who will cut through the piles of information and lay it out for you in a clear and realistic way


it’s important to you that your doula be trained, experienced and professional but also easy-going enough to know a little humor at the right time can go a long way!


you want someone who will encourage you, support you, and who will help you make informed choices that feel right for YOU


you want your pregnancy and birth to be an exciting and happy experience and want someone who feels like a friend to help guide you


you want to have an easy and smooth transition into life with your new baby and you want to feel like you haven’t lost yourself in the process

we may be a good fit if...


In 2007, a friend of mine told me about having a doula at the birth of her baby. This was a profession??? I had never heard of doulas when I had my own children in the 1980s.     Oh sure, I had nosed my way into lots of my friends' births over the years (yes, I was THAT girl!) simply because I LOVED being a part of 


these amazing experiences. Little did I know it was an actual profession! And when I did find out, I immediately set out to make this awe-inspiring work my own and since then I have helped welcome




I feel so fortunate that my work allows me to touch lives so deeply and profoundly and I can't imagine a career more rewarding for me than that of a doula. 

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