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Your best birth.


The birth of a baby is a life-changing event, whether it's your first child or your tenth. And while welcoming a baby is an exciting time, it can be an overwhelming time, as well. Which is why it is invaluable to have  a doula by your side.

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Yet, no matter how prepared you are for your labor, you may still be wondering...







Will we be able to handle the intensity of labor alone?


Can we attain the unmedicated, uninterveined upon birth we are hoping to have?


Will my labor be swift or drawn out?


How will my partner hold up under the pressure?


How will we remember all we have learned and apply it in the moment?


How will we know when it is time to go to the hospital?


Will we connect with our nurse and will she have time for us?


Who will be there to help us understand when terms like "occiput-posterior" or "cervical lip" are being mentioned?


If you don't


know your options


you don't have any.



take a deep


Faced with the uncertainty of labor, many women and their partners find enormous reassurance in having a Doula by their side.   In fact, research has found that women who have one-on-one professional labor support tend to have fewer complications, shorter labors and healthier newborns.  Mothers who have this support in labor produce lower levels of stress hormones than women left alone or attended by inexperienced coaches.

As your Doula, I help you and your partner talk through your concerns and your wishes before the birth of your baby and familiarize you with the many options you have in child-birth. At the time of your baby's birth, I will provide you with continuous emotional and physical support with gentle massage, suggestions for laboring positions and other measures to provide you comfort.


I have complete trust in a woman's ability to birth her baby and want nothing more than for you and your partner to have a positive birth experience.  I understand that there may be a time and place for medical intervention and respect the parents' right to make informed decisions about what is  right for them without judgement.

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